Year 2 have been learning all about the properties of 2D shapes. We are able to describe the number of sides and vertices of each one and identify lines of symmetry. Some of us have even been able to compare similarities and differences of 2D shapes! To complete our Materials topic, the children were challenged to build a strong and sturdy house for the three little pigs.  

Reception have really enjoyed their time with Tim and Vicky from Oldham SSP over the last 3 days. They've all learnt so much more on how to safely ride their bikes and the importance of always wearing a helmet. They've learnt how to mouse step, cheetah step and kangaroo push their way around the track, as well as how to safely stop and manoeuvre themselves without causing any accidents. They've also had lots and lots of fun!

Today, we explored adding and subtracting fractions as surgeons! We found body parts and solved tricky calculations. We had a fantastic day celebrating world book day in Y5. We completed an array of Mr Men themed activities and looked wonderful in our Mr Men/ little miss costumes. We drew Mr Men using only 2D shapes; we created a Mr Men synonym booklet; we read and swapped books with Y6; we watched Mr Men stories; we played a Mr Men board game and guess who and finally we brought our Mr Men pictures to life using Chatterpix. On the whole, a super day! Take a look at our learning:
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