Advocate Teams : Governance at Local Level

In October 2019, the School’s Interim Executive Board which has been working with, monitoring, supporting and challenging the School Leadership Team since the 2017 Inspection, ended it’s period of intensive work with the School.  St John’s is now in a transition period, moving over to the Sola Fide Trust arrangements.

The Accountable Body for St John’s within the trust is the Board of Trustees.

The trust operates a system of Local Advocacy.  Advocates work on behalf of the Board of Trustees to develop and support Trust and School vision at a local level and, in October, advertisements were sent out to the community.

During Autumn Half Term 2, The Trust will look at taking applications from prospective Local Advocates for St John’s further and this page of the website will be updated when developments are made in this important aspect of St John’s within the Sola Fide Trust.