St. John’s Link with The Sanctuary & Teaching School

What is the Sanctuary?

Set in a stylish, contemporary environment the Sanctuary, the realisation of a long term vision, is a purpose built learning centre right at the heart of St. Chad’s C.E. Primary School.  As a non-profit making enterprise*, the Sanctuary encapsulates the school’s overall philosophical stance as a place for personal reflection, challenge, internalised learning and individual growth.


The Sanctuary responds to individual and corporate need, by providing bespoke learning programmes for schools and organisations, delivered through innovative facilitation and coaching techniques.


As a National Support School, the Sanctuary utilises the schools expertise, and that of Mr. Burnley our National Leader of Education (NLE), to build capacity within other educational establishments by willingly sharing skills, knowledge and expertise in a non-threatening manner, ensuring the utmost degree of confidentiality.


Professional developmental learning programmes at the Sanctuary build upon, and are closely linked to, the Professional Standards for Headteachers/Teachers.


The Teaching School sits inside the Sanctuary Learning Centre delivering learning programmes, providing school to school support, running an ITE SchoolDirect Programme (in conjunction with Huddersfield University), engaging in research and development and establishing effective leadership and succession planning across a wide network of partnerships within the Greater Manchester area and beyond.  The work of the Teaching School is validated and approved by Oldham Local Education Authority.  The Sanctuary provides training and support for a large number of NQT’s (usually around 70-75 per year) and works as the Appropriate Body for Oldham LA NQT Induction.

* Facilitation in the Sanctuary by school staff provides a significant opportunity for professional development and as such they receive no additional payment.  All proceeds enable us to build capacity in our own, and other educational settings.


For information about the sanctuary, and how it might help your school development please click here to visit the Sanctuary website

Please click on the link below to see The School Direct Training Programme.

The Sanctuary School Direct Brochure

Email: info@stchads.sanctaurylc.org

Telephone:01457 778 488